Big Bend Youth Soccer Association

Big Bend Youth Soccer Association
P.O. Box 562
Alpine, TX.  79831


Frequently Asked Questions
Game Schedule Questions:

Question: Why are all of the games scheduled in Alpine?

Answer:  Games have been moved to Alpine due to lack of  available referees who want to travel to other towns; 6U games, however, may be played in other towns.  Please notify the BBYSA President at if you are playing a 6U game elsewhere.

Question:  Why are games played on the weekends?  

Answer:  Games are played on the weekends because that is the only time our certified referees are available.

Registration Questions:
Question: What are the divisions, ages and cut-off date?

Answer:  15U (because of the pandemic) - 15 years old as of 11/1/2021 & under; 12U - 12 as of 11/1/21 & under; 9U - 9 as of 11/1/21 & under and 6U - 6 as of 11/1/21 & under


Answer:  Teams need to be formed and uniforms and equipment need to be ordered in the right quantities and sizes in order to accommodate every player for the upcoming season.  

Question:  What are the registration requirements to sign up for the upcoming season?

Answer:  You will need to register online and complete the registration with payment (i.e., $75/player).  In addition, a player may "play up" only one division level but may not "play down" (e.g., an 8-year old player could play in the U12 division but could not play in the U6 division). 


Who Do I Contact Questions:

Question:  What is the best way to get in touch with a Board member?

Answer:  Email us at and specify in the subject line the topic of your inquiry. 

Question:  I have a problem with my child's coach, how do I let the board know?

Answer:  Email us at

Question:  Who do I go to if I have a problem during the season?

Answer:  Go to your coach.  Your coach will then get in touch with the appropriate person on the Board to help remedy the situation.  If you have a problem with your coach, email us directly at


Equipment & Uniform Questions:

Question:  What equipment does my child need in order to play this season?

Answer:  You will need to provide the following for your child to play this season:  soccer shoes (plastic cleats), shin guards, and a water bottle.  BBYSA will provide your child with a uniform (jersey, shorts, and socks).  

Question:  What do I do if my child's uniform does not fit?

Answer:  Let your coach know ASAP.  If your coach does not have any extra sizes that fit, your coach will then get in touch with BBYSA to see what can be done to remedy the situation.


Game Cancellation Questions:

Question:  How do I know if a game has been cancelled?

Answer:  Your coach should let you know.  In addition, it should be posted on the website.   

Question:  What happens if not enough players show up to play a game, or our coach doesn't show up for a game?

Answer:  If only one player is missing, the other team will play down a player (e.g., only 4 players show up to play a team with 7 players so the teams will play 4 v. 4 for the 6U game).  If a coach doesn't show up or his/her designee sub, please email to make us aware of the issue and if a parent doesn't volunteer to sub for that game only, the team must forfeit the game.  


Summer Soccer Camp Questions:

Question:  How do I register my child for soccer camp?

Answer:  Because of COVID-19, we didn't have a soccer camp but hope to bring back the Challenger Soccer Camp in 2022.